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Web Design

At Phan Creative, our area of expertise lies in creating functional and beautiful web sites for your business. We take away the stress of dealing with multiple parties by handling planning, development and hosting. Having successfully completed multiple projects, we have developed three guiding principles that we believe are the core of a truly successful website: usability, aesthetics, and visibility. By combing these aspects we have a comprehensive set of blueprints to effectively create a web presence that will greatly impact your business.


Our creations are built on tried-and-true design patterns that are found on some of the most well-known websites in the world. Clients will be familiar and comfortable when navigating your site, ensuring that they can access the content or product they need.

Your site is guaranteed to look and function properly on the vast majority of personal computers. Spanning four operating systems and six web browsers, we support the software used by approximately 95 percent of all Internet users, so you can rest assured that your audience sees your message as you intended.


The first thing that most people think about when it comes to web design is the visual presentation. A customer's emotional response to your site's design establishes a more effective connection to your business than any amount of written content could hope to achieve.

During face-to-face meetings and communication, we take an in-depth look at your objectives, then carefully choose the most effective combination of color, layout, and typography to successfully convey the purpose of your site. Although we could describe the details of our creative process, we believe that the quality of our work speaks for itself. Take a look and decide for yourself.


If your target audience can't find you, then even the best-designed website is doomed to failure. Fortunately, from the very first concept sketches and up to the site launch, we keep search engines in mind. At Phan Creative, we adhere to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards in our code and infuse your site with relevant content, metadata, and keywords. It is our goal to help your business and site increase its organic rank on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

There is no maintenance cost on increasing you organic ranking and is more likely to return meaningful leads as it is based on relevance to the search terms rather than advertising dollars. This is a positive benefit over pay-per-click advertising or other means of artificial search engine optimization (SEO).

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